Why You Should Be Conducting Pre-Employment Background Checks

Background checks bring up sensitive concerns. After all, every candidate has a past. You aren't in the business of punishing applicants for previous mistakes. You simply want to find the best people for your available positions.

None of the information that comes up in a background check should come as a surprise. If you're shocked by the discoveries, something went wrong in the lead-up process. It's possible you didn't ask the right questions or that the candidate didn't provide accurate information. The background check deepens your understanding of each applicant and verifies details they've told you during the hiring process.

Here are some of the key reasons you should conduct pre-employment background checks:

Confirm Employee-Provided Information

You shouldn't view the background check as a way to dig up your applicants' darkest secrets. It should act as a confirmation tool. Similar to reference checks, it will most likely unfold as a dull document validating the information you already have.

If not, you might need to rethink your opinion of the candidate — not because of the specific facts you've uncovered, but because the candidate kept these details from you in the first place. Consider it a trust-building process, not an unearthing of otherwise hidden information.

Protect Everyone's Safety

You have responsibilities beyond building a productive team. You also need to look out for the safety of your employees.

Conducting a background check becomes an essential step in this process. If you uncover a violent history or any past convictions for offenses like harassment or stalking, you can protect your current staff from potentially dangerous situations.

Provide a Security Check

Your first priority is the physical safety of your employees. However, beyond that, you must ensure the security of your property and the data accessible to your employees.

Your customers count on you to keep their information safe. Meanwhile, the efficient operation of your business relies on your equipment and the security of your physical facility. For those reasons, you need to avoid any potential threats and take every precaution to prevent an incident.

Fulfill Due Diligence

Along with hiring the right person and creating a secure workplace, you must consider the overall hiring process and the corresponding legal responsibilities. In short, you need to conduct your due diligence.

It may feel like an annoyance to dot the i's and cross the t's by calling references and conducting background checks. However, having proper procedures in place protects you from making unnecessary mistakes. Hopefully, you never discover anything that makes you question your original hiring decision. But completing all the appropriate steps shields you from blame (both professionally and legally) if something should go wrong in the future.

The bureaucratic hiring grind can be a significant hassle. You want to manage your business, not fill out paperwork and tackle procedural details (such as background checks). How do you avoid these headaches? Partner with a top-ranked recruiting partner, such as United Personnel. We administer all necessary hiring screenings to give you confidence in every staffer and free up your valuable time.

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