Is Social Media Killing Your Chances of Getting a Job?

Social media allows for a wide range of personal and professional connections, and naturally employers are utilizing these sites as a way to determine who you are and what you bring to the table. More often than not, people feel more liberated behind the keypad than they do in person, so they tend to post content in a casual manner. Social media was designed to build an online presence as insight to your character, so when employers are looking to hire, they will take to Twitter, Facebook and the like to ensure your values and attitude align with company values. It is nearly impossible for individuals to completely revamp their entire social media presence to center around their job hunt, but there are a few tweaks that can be made to ensure companies will appreciate “the real you” when they check out your profiles.

Make sure to post content that expresses your interests and uniqueness as an individual.

Any appropriate lifestyle articles or insight can be employer friendly too. In fact, HR staffs are usually swimming in resumes that look the same, so expressing your personality in a positive manner online can actually set you ahead of the rest.

Engage in meaningful discussions and post helpful content.

A dull or inactive social media profile doesn’t give employers any sort of impression at all, other than you don’t seem connected or technologically interested. These profiles serve to connect you with the rest of the world, so take advantage of their resources and involve yourself in appropriate forums and pages. Sharing helpful and relevant content shows employers you are proactive and knowledgeable about a variety of enriching topics.

Follow relevant accounts so that employers can see your interest in the position.

Of course, adding career-based content to your social media profiles doesn’t hurt either. Prove to employers you are engaged in the industry by posting relevant news and career-driven articles.

Customize your profiles.

Take advantage of all the ways sites let you show your personality through customization. Update your bio, fill out all relevant add-ons and let your personality shine through. Employers will see you went the extra mile to make sure your online presence is engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Make sure you’re a perfect fit for the position. 

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