Reference Checks — What You Need to Find Out

So, you think you’ve found a rock-star candidate who’ll be a great fit for your company. Before making the job offer, be sure to do a reference check. Checking out a candidate’s references is a quick but highly effective way to gauge how a candidate will perform once hired. In addition, the reference can provide you with an in-depth look into the candidate’s professional values.

Asking these questions will ensure you are getting the most out of this cost-effective screening tool:

What did the candidates average workday look like?

Bold claims about what the candidate actually did at their last position can be backed by asking the reference to describe what went on in a normal day. Plus, you can find out if they spent more time chatting with co-workers and taking extended breaks than actually accomplishing their tasks.

How involved were they in company-wide progression?

Having an employee who plugs away at assigned tasks is great, but one whose work truly propels the success of a company is even better. Inquire about specific moments when the candidate went above and beyond to ensure the company’s security in order to determine whether or not the candidate can contribute positively towards your company’s unique goals.

How was their professional attitude?

Positivity can go a long way in the workplace, so you want to make sure the candidate has a great attitude even in the face of project deadlines or stress. A candidate with a constructive attitude not only works more efficiently themselves, but can help motivate their peers as well.

What was their reason for leaving their last position?

The candidate may have already answered this question for you, but asking their references this question is a way to double-check they didn’t leave on bad terms. You can also find out what their average timeline is for staying at a position.

Before making that job offer, be sure to do a reference check

If you treat candidates references like a free hiring resource, you can save yourself time and money by making sure the candidate’s skills and attitude are as strong as they say. For more staffing advice, check out United Personnel for your personalized staffing needs!