The Importance of Giving Employees Autonomy

Giving Employees Autonomy

There are numerous positive reasons to grant your employees autonomy. To be clear, this doesn't mean providing free rein. Instead, it means allowing your employees to make their own decisions within a narrow, well-defined area of responsibility.

By doing so, you help your employees become more productive and effective at their jobs. Added autonomy increases ingenuity, sparks higher job satisfaction, improves accountability and allows for higher-level thinking.

Increased Ingenuity

First, it's essential to know that micromanagement stifles creativity. If a manager always tells their staff exactly how to complete a task, the employee will have no incentive to think through the problem on his or her own. Solutions will always fall to the manager.

By providing workers with autonomy, you open the door to exciting, unexpected solutions. Employees are now incentivized to solve issues on their own. Magnified across an entire organization, this unleashes a great deal of brainpower.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Employees don't enjoy feeling like cogs in a corporate machine. A job that consists only of following detailed pre-set directions becomes a tedious slog that leads workers to look for more engaging positions elsewhere.

Fortunately, you can prevent this by providing workers leeway in how they complete their tasks. They will then engage with their work on a mental level, which makes it more interesting and satisfying. The result is higher morale and lower turnover.

Improved Accountability

Handing over autonomy to individual workers leads to a more accountable structure. All employees have clear responsibilities, which makes it easier to correct negative situations and direct feedback to the proper person.

Less Oversight Necessary

Let's face it: micromanagement is exhausting. By making yourself responsible for every single action, your time is sucked up by completing low-level tasks and making rote decisions. You'll be unable to concentrate on anything except day-to-day concerns.

But by handing over responsibility to your staff, you will have more time for longer-term planning and higher-value projects.

Of course, providing more autonomy to your employees assumes they can handle an increased level of responsibility. Having the right workers in place makes this an easier task. A top-ranked staffing firm, such as United Personnel, provides you the creative and conscientious team members you need to drive your business forward.

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