The Importance of Communicating Progress

communicating progress

Communicating progress is key to achieving long-term goals, and it is imperative to check in frequently to review progress. Here are five steps you can take to more effectively tackle the critical task of communicating progress with your staff:

Set a Long-Term Timeline

Create a roadmap to where you want to go. Determine your long-term objectives and share them with your staff. Seek out their input as to how much progress is possible within given time intervals. Plot this clearly, setting checkpoints and targets along the way. You can always alter your timeline as needed.

Create Specific Targets

Always have specific criteria in mind when reviewing progress. Whenever possible, set quantitative targets, which provide clarity as to if a goal was met. For example, an objective such as "improve client satisfaction" doesn't carry a significant meaning. It’s far easier to judge a benchmark like "improve scores on the Customer Satisfaction Survey by 12%.”

Ensure you are clearly communicating these targets ahead of time. Your team should know exactly what they are trying to achieve and how you will rate success.

Break Up Goals

Every big success is made up of many smaller goals. It’s easier to focus on bite-size targets; they make progress feel more obtainable. Meeting these sub-goals makes it easier to accomplish the more significant task at hand — and you’ll feel more confident knowing you’ve already met some initial goals.

Provide Frequent Progress Updates

Communicate and check in with your staff often. Obtain and provide feedback, and tweak your process and targets as needed.

As you move forward, review your initial timeline. As you fulfill the smaller goals you set for the team, you can bring forward or push back target dates as needed, or reassess the way you judge success.

Acknowledge Forward Movement

Workers need encouragement. If you are trying to reach a long-term goal, there will be lots of little achievements to celebrate along the way. Make your staff feel confident and proud that they are indeed moving forward.

Taking small victory laps doesn't diminish the long-term goal. In fact, doing so makes the road to success more enjoyable.

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