How to Successfully Prepare for a Performance Review

It’s time for your performance review, and while it may seem counterintuitive, you should be preparing for it. No matter what opinion you might have, these reviews are a frequent and normal occurrence in the working world. In fact, if you want to learn and progress within your organization, you must be ready to talk about both the year behind you and the one that’s ahead.

Here’s how to make the best of it:

Review your accomplishments from last year

Gather your notes, highlights, any awards or recognition, and customer feedback. Sort through them and pick out the most significant of the group. Although your boss is probably aware of accomplishments, a reminder of all that you’ve achieved is always a good thing. This review is your opportunity to highlight YOU and remind your manager or boss of the value you bring to their organization value.

Evaluate your own performance before the meeting

Take a look at your original job description and go through it point-by-point. Are you meeting or exceeding those requirements? If they have changed, how well have you adjusted? If you're honest and you believe you have surpassed all or most of the conditions, then you are in an excellent position to state your case during the meeting.

Prepare some questions

Just like when you went for a job interview, you should have questions ready for your review. You don’t want to be passive during the job performance review, so be prepared to ask questions and share some ideas that could benefit the company. Get things off your chest (in a polite and dignified way), and offer suggestions to fix issues and make the company all the better.

Know the wage rates for your job

A performance review is a perfect time to discuss a salary increase. However, without knowing what others in your position are making, you won’t have as much negotiating leverage. You can research current salaries on sites such as Glassdoor and PayScale. Just remember that average wages vary depending on where you live. If you live in a small town, you can’t expect to be paid the same rate as someone living in a big city where the cost of living is higher. Keep it in perspective and you should be fine.

Go in with an open mind

Performance reviews can be stressful or even downright stressful. Sometimes the reviewer will point out one of your weaknesses and offer constructive criticism. Avoid the urge to get defensive, and use the criticism to improve your performance for next year’s review. Keep an open mind to negative feedback and build on the positive news that you receive.

Maybe you’ll realize it’s time for a change

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