How to Set up New Hires for Success From Day One

You might think that once you’ve hired the best candidate, your work is complete. In reality, however, your most important task is just beginning. Getting your new employee off to a good start is just as important as choosing and hiring the right team member from the start. To build an excellent team, it’s critical to retain the people you hire.  Proper onboarding supports long term retention. 

In the past, new employees received an orientation, a handbook and some brief introductions. Today, employers are seeing the benefits of a detailed onboarding process that is more effective at making new hires feel welcome and part of the team. Here are some helpful hints from those who have found success:

Throw a small party

Gather the workers for a small welcome party. Provide light refreshments and introduce the new hire, providing a description of the person’s qualifications. By explaining that you brought the new employee onboard to enhance the team, everyone will be made aware there is no threat to anyone’s job.

Provide them with a mentor

Assign one of your talented and experienced workers to the role of mentor for the new hire. This individual would watch over and provide counsel to the new employee for the first few weeks, answering questions and modeling behavior in line with the company’s culture. Mentors can play a crucial part in ensuring the success and retention of your newest hires.

Answer their questions before they ask them

New hires can suffer from information overload at the start of their employment, and it can generate loads of questions. Many companies now anticipate the most likely questions and answer them in a video that is made available to new hires. Seasoned employees provide the answers to these common questions, and the new workers can refer to the video for immediate solutions as they are needed.

Give them a welcome package

Put together a welcome package that includes things such as your mission statement, company culture and core values. It can serve as a constant reminder of your organization’s standing in the industry and the essential role that employees play in the company’s success. Add a few items that have the company’s logo—key chain, coffee cup, etc.—and some office supplies to help get them started and feeling like a part of the organization.

Explain to them who will be benefitting from their work

All employees hope their work has meaning. Showing a new worker some of the benefits their new company is providing to others is one of the best ways to get them excited about the path ahead.  It can be inspirational for them to see who will benefit from their efforts.  One of your longest tenured employees would be perfect to deliver that message.

Do you need more advice about onboarding new workers?

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