How Managers Can Build a Positive Relationship With Their Employees

Cultivating healthy and positive relationships within your company will help give employees a sense of pride and loyalty. It is essential that employees like and respect their boss, a point which drastically increases the chances of having a successful business.

Intelligent leaders understand that engaged workers are passionate and focused and have a creative mindset that brings more solutions and new ideas to the table. They also realize that to have this type of workforce, they must be building and maintaining positive relationships with their people on a consistent basis.

One more important benefit of establishing rapport with employees is retention. Top talent won’t stick around in a hostile work environment, and managers should be aware of the high costs of hiring and training new workers, and monitor the relationships among employees, too.

So what’s the secret for having the kind of relationships that lead to a happy and productive workplace? Well, it’s hardly a secret, but here are some helpful suggestions.

happy and productive workplace? Well, it’s hardly a secret, but here are a few reminders.

Listen to Them

Ask your employees what is most important to them. How do they like to communicate? How would they prefer to receive feedback? What kind of recognition would be meaningful? Then, listen carefully to their answers and ideas, and follow up with some action.

Show You Trust Them

Delegate work to your team members, and allow them to complete it on their own. Offer your assistance and advice if they need it, but let them handle it alone for the most part. Building trust with employees is one the most critical factors in a solid relationship.

Keep Them Informed

Your employees have a stake in any major changes that will be coming in the future, which is why it is so important that you keep them in the know. It will quiet the rumor mill and let them know that you care enough about them not to blindside them with last-minute changes. Keep an open-door policy, so they can talk to you about their concerns or when they have questions.

Manage With Integrity

If your values are aligned with the company’s values, you will gain the respect of your workers. Show that you can be trusted by keeping your word, trusting others, and communicating openly. Follow the adage, “say what you’ll do and do what you say” and your employees will know that you lead with integrity.

Be There for Them

Your workers have lives outside of the office, and troubles at home can affect their performance on the job. Be sensitive to their ups and downs and offer to help them work through them. By taking a genuine interest in your team, both as employees and individuals, you’ll be establishing a lasting relationship with them that will benefit everyone in the organization.

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