How to Hire the Best Administrative Assistant

The “secretary” of yesteryear is no longer. In today’s world, technology has changed everything, even the title. Today’s administrative assistant must be multitalented and comfortable with technology. As a business owner or manager, you’re looking for someone who can schedule appointments, greet clients, and answer the phones. But that’s only the beginning.  Many administrative assistants are now planning events, updating social media, making travel arrangements, generating important reports, and keeping up with the latest office technology.

While it’s evident that the administrative assistant role has evolved, many employers have not revised their methods of recruiting, interviewing and training for it. First of all, companies must consider which traits they would like to see in their administrative professionals. Here are some of the most important ones:

Microsoft Office experience: Today, administrative professionals should be proficient in Word and Excel, but also in database management software that such as FileMaker Pro and Access. Being familiar with SAP (System Application Products) or other enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is a big plus.

Organizational skills: Top-tier administrative professionals keep everything they’re working on organized and on schedule, and they make sure the executives and other team members stay on track, too.

Flexibility: Today, businesses often rely on their administrative staff to assist with a variety of projects, even though those tasks might not fit into their usual job description.

Multitasking abilities: It’s not unusual for today’s administrative professional to be working on several different assignments at the same time. Because of that, it’s crucial they be able to prioritize their tasks, so nothing is missed.

Business intelligence: Controlling costs will always be a priority for companies, so employers want administrative assistants who can demonstrate business acumen, which include experience creating efficiencies and saving money.

Outstanding communication skills: Since administrative professionals are often the primary contact for those inside and outside the company, they must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Strong critical thinking skills: As managers get busier, they delegate work to their administrative staff, which means their team could be making important decisions on their behalf. It’s important that administrative professionals understand the goals and priorities of their managers so they’re able to act independently when necessary.

Today, businesses are looking for administrative professionals who have experience, technical skills, and interpersonal talents. They are versatile, talented, and fit in with the workplace culture. They are one of the key components of a successful company. Find someone with these traits, and you will have an outstanding administrative assistant on your team.

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