Why It Works.

Our Process

United Personnel is committed to finding the right match for your company. Our staffing process is both scalable and customizable, based on the needs and size of your company. However, our fundamental process is as follows:

Initial intake: Typically by means of a phone conversation, our staffing specialist will gather the essential skills that you require and begin identifying a pool of potential candidates.

Needs assessment: Through a more comprehensive conversation, our staffing specialist will identify the technical and soft skills you need in a successful candidate, with an eye on your company’s mission, values, and culture. Our needs assessment may also include an analysis of operational needs and goals such as reducing overtime and developing onboarding or retention programs.

Recruitment: Our team then begins a strategic recruitment process, identifying qualified candidates from our current pool, and/or recruiting regionally and nationally to find the right match for you. After identifying several suitable candidates based upon comprehensive screening and testing processes, we present an overview of candidate qualifications. Clients also have the option of in-person interviews with the candidates.

Placement: Once you have selected the candidate best suited to your company, we will manage all compensation negotiations, as well as necessary training to ensure that the candidate is ready to meet your organization’s needs from day one.

Follow up: United Personnel follows a standardized follow-up process: After we have placed your candidate, we will check in with you after their first day, first week, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and quarterly to ensure that we have made the right match.