Good on Paper
They may look good on paper,
but a resume and two-hour interview will only tell you what a candidate can do — not who they are. We have more than 300 screening tools to assess not just technical skills, but critical soft skills that make all the difference.
We’re in the deep end of the candidate pool.
Our team never stops recruiting qualified candidates, both regionally and nationally. So when you put in a request for highly qualified staff… no offense, but we’re way ahead of you.
Taking risks has its place…
but when it comes to compliance issues, unnecessary risk can cost you. Big time. We ensure that our staff is well trained in safety and industry-specific compliance issues. And risk management will remain an ongoing process for us as long as you’re a client. Just another way that we’ve got your back.
I spent two months finding a candidate that lasted for six months. Now I’m back to square one.”– hiring manager
Sound familiar?
Getting a bad match isn’t just frustrating: it’s costly and time consuming. Our reputation is staked on low turnover, which means we go above and beyond to get it right the first time — in fact, we guarantee it.
“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend four sharpening my axe.”– Abraham Lincoln
Smart man, that Abe. Before we present you with candidate options, we do a comprehensive needs assessment to determine the skillset you require, your corporate goals, and the personality type that will be a fit for your team. And then we get to work in finding a lasting match.
Sure — some people think of us as a “temp agency,” but in providing on-site human resource management to some of the area’s largest employers, our scope is quite a bit broader than that. Whether staffing a single position or providing full-service HR support, we have the capacity to meet all of your staffing needs.
Good fit? What about now? And now?
Our goal is to make a match that lasts, which is why our job is not done once your position is filled. We’ll follow up after the first day, first week, first month and throughout our employee’s time with your company, to ensure that we’ve found the right candidate for you.
Good Fit