Don’t Let Your Employees Walk Out the Door!

A great team culture, career advancement and quality of leadership. These are a few things managers argue over that employees value most about a job. One thing is certain —losing a top-performing employee, no matter what their position, can cost a company a pretty penny. Scrambling to fill the position can result in disorganization and a loss of valuable company resources, so it is important for companies to take their employees’ satisfaction seriously.

Setting concise expectations for the position at the start of employment is imperative to the success of employees, and when expectations are unclear, they can suffer from feelings of inadequacy. Eliminating any gray areas in this sense can prevent communication problems right off the bat, and with this established, employees can work more efficiently and with confidence. No job can be done effectively if guidelines were never set up in the first place.

A strong manager or supervisor can make all the difference in employee satisfaction. Management issues are one of the main reasons employees quit.  When picking a management team, make sure to critically evaluate how these supervisors will impact those who work under them. There is nothing more unmotivating than a bad manager, and employees can quickly lose sight of the overarching goals of the company if a manager’s bad attitude is looming over like a dark cloud.

Checking up on employees is a simple way to keep the lines of communication between employees and management open. A loss of communication with upper-level management often leaves employees feeling disheartened and powerless.  Some employees are afraid to initiate these kinds of conversations to begin with for fear of losing their job. Taking the time to sit workers down and reevaluate their satisfaction levels can help tremendously with turnover issues.  

At United Personnel, we know how much your employees mean to you. That’s why when we place a job seeker in your company, we ensure they align with your workplace values so you can create a lasting relationship with them. Visit our employers page to start the process of finding your next star employees!