Coming Together While Staying Apart

These are particularly strange and frightening times. The coronavirus outbreak has led life as we know to grind to a virtual halt. Many of the places we gather - schools, restaurants, barber shops, gyms -are all closed as we practice social distancing. It is a time that many of us have never seen the like of before, and we hope we will not see again.

These are also worrying times economically, as we see individuals, companies and nonprofits impacted.  Our front-line workers, medical providers and the entire healthcare system are stressed, and our daily “way of being” at work, at home, in the community is disrupted in ways we could not have imagined prior to the spread of the novel coronavirus.  We are all unsettled, and the future seems uncertain.

Despite the many challenges, there is hope.  We have been heartened by how people are coming together to help each other, in a sense of community that many have often bemoaned is lacking in today’s society. Healthcare providers from China are flying to Italy to bring supplies and expertise to help their fellow global citizens, doctors and nurses are coming out of retirement to assist those who are ill and people are volunteering to deliver meals to the homebound and sew masks for our medical providers. Community Foundations around New England are establishing funds to help those most impacted by the pandemic, and federal and state governments are putting plans into place to mobilize help.

Here at United Personnel, we are brainstorming ways to support our community.  A service we are prepared to implement immediately is to help those displaced from work during the pandemic.  

If your organization is laying off staff and cannot afford outplacement services, please contact us. As our staff resources allow, we are happy to provide support for your team, including resume review, interviewing coaching and live webinars on job-hunting strategies.  While many people may choose to take time with family if they are separated from employment, there are still opportunities out there. And, when the crisis is over, we believe hiring will ramp up quickly as organizations resume operations.

As for United Personnel, we will continue to operate as close to normally as possible– and plan to help the community in every way we can.  Working with our exceptional staff, clients, field employees and regional partners, we are committed to building community during this challenging time.  We look forward to the day when we will reflect on this time of isolation as a period that brought us all closer together.

If you, or your organization, need assistance with outplacement services, please email or call 413.736.0800.

United we stand!