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How Managers Can Build a Positive Relationship With Their Employees

Cultivating healthy and positive relationships within your company will help give employees a sense of pride and loyalty. It is essential that employees like and respect their boss, a point which drastically increases the chances of having a successful business.

Intelligent leaders understand that engaged workers are passionate and focused and have a creative mindset that brings more solutions and new ideas to the table. They also realize that to have this type of workforce, they must be building and maintaining positive relationships with their people on a consistent basis.

Before You Apply: Assess and Clean up Your Online Presence

Everyone knows that it can take years to establish a reputation and just minutes to destroy it. That’s why it’s so important to guard against ruin when you are looking for a job -- trouble that can come in the form of your online presence. Did you know that hiring managers often look at your social media profiles along with your resume and cover letter?

Tips for Building Your Personal Brand While Looking for a Job

You hear a lot about the importance of personal branding these days, but you might still be a little fuzzy on what that means, how it can help you, and how to develop your own brand. Personal branding as a concept is quite simple: It’s a sequence of strategies that create an appealing identity for you, helping to attract the right kind of attention.

How to Hire the Best Administrative Assistant

The “secretary” of yesteryear is no longer. In today’s world, technology has changed everything, even the title. Today’s administrative assistant must be multitalented and comfortable with technology. As a business owner or manager, you’re looking for someone who can schedule appointments, greet clients, and answer the phones. But that’s only the beginning.  Many administrative assistants are now planning events, updating social media, making travel arrangements, generating important reports, and keeping up with the latest office technology.

Customer Service Skills All Call Center Reps Should Have

It’s a critical position. A call center representative is the voice of the company, ensuring every customer receives the individual attention that either satisfies or mollifies them.  With the nearly countless number of situations that can crop up during a conversation, call center reps must have a variety of skills to manage them and provide excellent customer service.

Here are some of those skills, all of which can and should be developed so customers end their calls believing they have gotten the best service possible.

A positive attitude

How to Identify Employees With Leadership Skills

At some point, you’ll need to identify an employee who displays leadership skills. Maybe it’s for a promotion or to take charge of an important project. No matter the reason, after you’ve defined the qualifying job-related skills this individual will need to have, you’ll also want to determine if others are likely to follow this person and accept their leadership.

If Candidates Aren’t Applying for Your Jobs, Here’s Why

It’s your hiring manager’s responsibility to bring new talent on board when it’s needed. But that won’t happen if nobody is applying—or more specifically, if the right people aren’t applying! It can happen even though the job description is thorough and well-written, so there must be other reasons why applications aren’t flooding your inbox.