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Tips for Effectively Providing Feedback to Employees

Effectively managing employees involves taking on a lot of roles. Sometimes you need the organization of a master administrator. Sometimes you need the inspirational acumen of a charismatic leader. Other times you need the psychological subtlety of a therapist.

The therapy part comes up most when it's time to deliver feedback. You need to get the message across: There are things the worker needs to improve. But you want to deliver the message with as much tact and encouragement as possible.

United Personnel Once Again Earns Prestigious Best of Staffing® Award

After a rigorous process that collected the opinions of various stakeholders, United Personnel has once again received ClearyRated’s Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards.

Each year, ClearlyRated, formerly Inavero, recognizes the top staffing agencies in the United States and Canada with their Best of Staffing Award. Reserved for less than 2 percent of all staffing agencies, the award follows an intense process that recognizes stellar ratings from both employers and job candidates.

Ways to Evaluate a Candidate’s Growth Potential

You post an ad to fill an entry-level position. Your first concern: Can they do the particular job? Close behind in priority lies another question, one that’s maybe more important long term: What can they contribute to the company in the future?

You might be hiring for an intern now. But that barely-out-of-the-dorm-room hire today could become a divisional manager a few years down the road.

How a Recruiter Will Help You Prepare for an Interview

Facing an interview is scary. It's just you in a room, across from a group of strangers, all focused on your every word. It's a performance and a trial. It's the stuff of nightmares to many.

However, you don't have to face the nightmare alone. A recruiter can help you build confidence and hone your message, leading to a better performance and a better chance of getting hired.

The Benefits of Hiring an Overqualified Employee

For job seekers, it’s the ultimate ironic failure: “Sorry, we can’t hire you…because you’re too qualified.” For the company, it’s a form of instinctual risk management, a (sometimes irrational) way to deal with a situation that doesn’t fit the norm.

The fear generated by an overqualified hire comes from an implied uncertainty. Is there something secretly wrong with them or their abilities? Can we keep them long term? Will this person jump to a different position at another company the first chance they get?

How to Keep Your Employees up to Date and Informed

To stay responsive to customer and market demands, every company has to remain nimble. Easy for the two-person startup working out of a garage somewhere. More difficult for an organization with multiple teams working in multiple divisions to complete multiple interconnecting projects.

Communication becomes key. Goals and priorities can change quickly. Only setting quarterly benchmarks can leave you woefully behind the competition. What made sense during December's planning session can become moot when your competitor launches a surprise upgrade in January.

The Benefits of HR Professionals and Recruiters Working Together

You have no complaints about your HR department. They consistently deliver strong candidates. From these, they efficiently and effectively choose top-level employees. They administer the onboarding process and oversee ongoing human resource functions with a high level of professional aplomb.

So, why would you bring in outside help? Won't it just mess up a good thing? What's more, won't it stir up unnecessary suspicion and resentment?