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How to Start Getting Noticed at Work

You can become one of the best employees in your office, but it won't do your career any good if no one knows about your contribution.

Without wider recognition, you’re like one of those hip garage bands that's every critic's favorite, but no one else has ever heard of. Or the black-and-white, foreign-language indie movie that moves everyone who sees it to tears, but plays mostly to empty theaters for several weeks before becoming unwatched filler on a streaming service.

Tips for Creating a Positive Interview Experience for Candidates

A job interview provides an employer with the best chance at getting to know a candidate. Hopefully, it gives the candidate a chance to learn about you too; your culture and the opportunities you can provide.

It’s like a first date. If it gets weighed down by uncomfortable silences or a sudden swerve into a tense topic, a second meeting becomes very unlikely. For that reason, it's important to provide a pleasant experience for the candidate.

How to Spot Red Flags on a Resume

A bad hire often prompts a wave of regret and self-doubt, culminating in the inescapable question: How could we have seen this coming?

Many times, you can't. Sometimes bad hires come about as the result of an unforeseeable mismatch, a combination of factors that couldn't be predicted. But often enough, you can see warning signs ahead of time. In order to learn from the mistake and avoid a similar error in the future, it’s important to review what when wrong.

Tips for Talking to Your Boss About Your Career Goals

You can’t make a career on your own. Even the legendary entrepreneurs who started billion-dollar enterprises in their garages needed help at various points on their road to success. Investors. Mentors. Partners.

If the Mark Zuckerbergs and Steve Jobs of the world needed assistance to make their way, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek whatever guidance you can. An obvious choice for your starting point: Your current boss.

Answering the Question “Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?”

Losing a job can be traumatic. Just like a breakup or dramatic incident, it can lead to buried emotion and long-lasting psychological pain.

Unfortunately, it's also something that every prospective employer will want to know about. It will come up in every interview and isn’t something you can bury and forget about. Unfortunately, to get another job, you’ll have to recount the details of how you lost your last one.

Tips for Effectively Providing Feedback to Employees

Effectively managing employees involves taking on a lot of roles. Sometimes you need the organization of a master administrator. Sometimes you need the inspirational acumen of a charismatic leader. Other times you need the psychological subtlety of a therapist.

The therapy part comes up most when it's time to deliver feedback. You need to get the message across: There are things the worker needs to improve. But you want to deliver the message with as much tact and encouragement as possible.

United Personnel Once Again Earns Prestigious Best of Staffing® Award

After a rigorous process that collected the opinions of various stakeholders, United Personnel has once again received ClearyRated’s Best of Staffing Client and Talent Awards.

Each year, ClearlyRated, formerly Inavero, recognizes the top staffing agencies in the United States and Canada with their Best of Staffing Award. Reserved for less than 2 percent of all staffing agencies, the award follows an intense process that recognizes stellar ratings from both employers and job candidates.

Ways to Evaluate a Candidate’s Growth Potential

You post an ad to fill an entry-level position. Your first concern: Can they do the particular job? Close behind in priority lies another question, one that’s maybe more important long term: What can they contribute to the company in the future?

You might be hiring for an intern now. But that barely-out-of-the-dorm-room hire today could become a divisional manager a few years down the road.

How a Recruiter Will Help You Prepare for an Interview

Facing an interview is scary. It's just you in a room, across from a group of strangers, all focused on your every word. It's a performance and a trial. It's the stuff of nightmares to many.

However, you don't have to face the nightmare alone. A recruiter can help you build confidence and hone your message, leading to a better performance and a better chance of getting hired.