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Immediately Grab a Recruiter’s Attention With These Resume Tips

Imagine your resume crossing a recruiter’s desk, one in an endless parade of resumes they’ll briefly scan while searching for potential candidates.

Take appropriate steps to ensure your resume stands out. Use these four steps to grab a recruiter’s attention and get a shot at your next career opportunity.

Start with Formatting

How to Succeed in the Workplace as an Introvert

If interacting with people, especially large groups, is draining for you instead of energizing, you are likely an introvert.

We live in a society that often values the “extrovert ideal” but the skills common to introverts can be extremely valuable in the workplace, and many employers are seeing the value in having diverse teams and skillsets. In fact, people who can learn to master skills associated with both introversion and extroversion (called “ambiverts”) are proven to be the most successful in their career performance.

Why You Should Hire Entry-Level Candidates

The hard logic of resume review tends to weed out candidates with little experience, instead focusing on potential candidates with stronger records of accomplishment.

Overall, it’s a good strategy. You end up with experienced candidates practically ready to start contributing on day one. However, it does have drawbacks. It leans heavily on qualifications, rather than qualities. This brings in people with on-paper experience, but tends to ignore the softer attributes that can sometimes make for the best employees.

Learn How to Connect With Your Interviewer

A job interview is like a staff meeting crossed with a first date.

It not only represents a stressful workplace experience, it's also a stressful social experience. As if meeting a bunch of strangers and answering pointed questions about your past achievements wasn't nerve-wracking enough, you also have to try to get those strangers to like you. And you only have a few minutes to make that connection.

Here are a few basic strategies to connect with your interviewers:

Be Friendly

Tips for Boosting Your Confidence at Work

Getting ahead isn't solely about what you do; it's also about how you present yourself.

Selling yourself plays a key role in securing plum assignments. This can lead to raises and promotions down the road. Present yourself as quiet, retiring, or meek, and you're likely to get less attention — even if your work objectively outshines that of your co-workers.

With that in mind, it’s not enough to maximize the quality of your output; you also have to maximize your swagger. You need confidence.

How to Effectively Reduce Employee Turnover

In a tight labor market, characterized by both low unemployment and increased mobility for workers, retention becomes the main method of building and maintaining a highly productive staff. If you can't keep your best employees, HR becomes little more than a treadmill engine.

And that's the best-case scenario. The worst-case scenario includes a steady decline in your team’s overall talent level, marked by near continuous recruitment, complete with all the annoyance and distraction that entails.

In short: You enter complete business purgatory.

ATS Guide: Things You Need to Know About Keywords in Resume

This post was written by guest blogger, Jessica Fender. She is an independent blogger, and marketing consultant who has been featured on Next Avenue and Addicted2Success. You can connect with Jessica on Twitter (@fender_jess).

It’s been weeks or even months since you applied for the job that you wanted so much, but no one even bothered to write you a simple reply email and thank you for your interest. What happened? You’re a great candidate and your resume was superb, so why did you only get a standardized rejection email?

How to Attract Top Talent on Social Media

Social media has become imperative to attracting the best job candidates. Young, tech-savvy prospects spend most of their lives online. If you're not plugged into their world, you're likely going to miss out on some interesting talent.

Beyond its growing influence, social media provides unique recruiting opportunities compared to more traditional methods. The underlying concept of the sector - connectivity - allows an interaction with potential hires that normally doesn't come until late in the recruitment process.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Job

You've got your dream job. All that work during the search process has paid off: The constant refining of your resume, the interview practice, the obsessive research to find the perfect position at the perfect company.

You got the you just have to keep it.

Situations change over time. You might feel comfortable now, but decisions outside your control could impact your position. Companies sell out to competitors. Management regimes change. Customer tastes evolve, and some firms are too slow to adapt.