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Is Social Media Killing Your Chances of Getting a Job?

Social media allows for a wide range of personal and professional connections, and naturally employers are utilizing these sites as a way to determine who you are and what you bring to the table. More often than not, people feel more liberated behind the keypad than they do in person, so they tend to post content in a casual manner. Social media was designed to build an online presence as insight to your character, so when employers are looking to hire, they will take to Twitter, Facebook and the like to ensure your values and attitude align with company values.

3 Different Kinds of Interviewers and How to Handle Each

Congrats! You put together a great resume, got the attention of the hiring manager and landed an interview. That’s great news, but don’t stop there! If you really want to land that job, you need to do your homework and prepare for your interview. That preparation should include learning more about the company, preparing talking points and an elevator speech, and doing some research on who will be conducting your interview