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Tips for Breaking Out of a Job-Search Rut

A job search can quickly become a drag. All the toil and effort can make it seem like, well, a job. And just like slogging through a boring shift in a dreary position, looking for a new gig can quickly turn into a rut.

This treadmill sensation can become a problem. If you lose your enthusiasm for the search, you can start to lose your edge. Your chances of finding a great position drop significantly. Meanwhile, you're more likely to take a lackluster offer just to end the process.

How to Overcome the Challenge of Seasonal Labor

It’s no secret that the holidays can be a busy and chaotic time for employers, who often find themselves in need of additional seasonal workers. Below are steps you can take to ensure a more easeful hiring process during the seasonal rush.

Hire Early

Consider beginning the hiring process earlier than you would during other times of the year. The goal should be to hire the best workers before the competition gets ahold of them.

Build a Network of Part-Timers

3 Tips for Improving Diversity in the Workplace

A diverse workforce should include people of different races, genders, ages, countries of origin, and education levels. Diversity is essential for fueling your operation, spurring innovation, and widening your potential customer base. Fostering a diverse workplace can lead to a significant bottom-line boost. With that in mind, below are a few tips for improving diversity in your workplace.  

Foster a Welcoming Culture 

3 Tips for Following Up After Submitting a Resume

You've submitted your resume, and now the waiting game begins. However, you don't have to sit passively by while the company considers a response.

Making contact after a resume submission is different from following up after an interview. It requires some finesse. Here are three tips for following up with an employer after submitting your resume.

Conduct Research

How to Help Your Employees Achieve Their Career Goals

Helping your employees work toward their career goals and objectives creates an environment in which they can unlock their highest potential. This in turn ultimately benefits you. 

How can you help your employees achieve their goals while still looking out for your bottom line? Here are steps you can take to assist your employees in attaining their career goals.

Talk to Your Employees 

The first step in helping employees reach their career goals is to find out precisely what those goals are.

When to Ask for Help at Work

It can be hard to ask for help at work. It can make you feel like you're admitting to your co-workers and bosses that you aren't capable or competent. However, that doesn't have to be the case. 

A core concept for any thriving operation is teamwork. At its essence, it involves employees assisting one another. And asking for help is just part of that teamwork process.

Here are a few of the instances when you should not hesitate to seek support:

When You Start Something New

4 Tips for Involving Managers in the Employee Onboarding Process

For an incoming employee, the onboarding process is a chance for your company to make an excellent first impression. 

Unfortunately, many companies leave onboarding to their HR staff, which squanders an opportunity to integrate workers more fully into a company. For that reason, it's imperative to get managers involved in the process.

Including management in the early stages of your new employees' tenures allows you to fast-track integration and get them to work as quickly and productively as possible.

Five Easy Tips to Help You Stand Out at Your New Job

Earning praise early at a new job sets the tone for the rest of your tenure at the company. Here are some general tips to help make your early impressions successful.

Act Confident 

It can be a challenge to act confidently upon entering a new situation. Your instincts may be to lay low and learn the job first, but instead of being passive, try to find your place through interaction and participation. Make your new co-workers feel confident you can and will contribute.

Express Positivity