The Benefits of Working a Seasonal Job

It’s the holiday season and with it comes a flood of seasonal job opportunities to help you with your gift-giving expenses. And while most of us associate these jobs with well-known retailers such as Walmart and Target, restaurants, the travel industry, and event planners are also increasing their roles during the holiday season and looking for great employees to bring on board. In fact:

UPS expects to hire about 100,000 seasonal employees to support the anticipated increase in package volume, while FedEx is adding 55,000 temps.

  • Target is planning to hire 120,000 temporary employees this winter.
  • Kohl's said it plans to bring on about 90,000 people to work through the new year.
  • With employers hosting holiday parties, and visiting friends out for nights on the town, restaurants and event planners should see booming business (and a need for workers) during the holiday season.

Seasonal jobs provide an opportunity to check out a company or industry without committing for the long term. Plus, they give you a chance to earn the holiday cash you need for all those presents. Here are some benefits of seasonal employment:

It will help you build your resume

Your seasonal job will show up as additional experience on your resume. This is particularly important to recent graduates who have little or no experience. It can also be of benefit to those hoping to switch to another industry. A seasonal job could give you a more impressive resume and help you in a future transition.

You get to test-drive a new company

Think of your seasonal job as a paid internship. You had the opportunity to see the company close up without risking too much. If you enjoyed your experience there, you’ve already got a head start on pursuing a full-time job. If it was less than exciting, you are able to leave at the end of your temporary commitment.

It gives you an opportunity to prove yourself

Employers often get their full-time employees from their seasonal workers. Just like you get to test their company, they get to see you in action and determine whether you look like a good fit for a permanent placement. So if you do an excellent job on these seasonal assignments, you can set yourself up for a full-time role. At the very least, you can earn a positive recommendation from these seasonal employers when you begin to pursue a permanent job.

Let us help you get a seasonal job

Here at United Personnel, we’ll use our 30-plus years of experience to guide you toward a seasonal position that’s the right fit for you. Many of our short-term placements lead to long-term positions, and if it’s a direct hire position you’re looking for, we can help you with that, too.  

No matter what type of placement you’re seeking, make us your first contact!