The Benefits of HR Professionals and Recruiters Working Together

You have no complaints about your HR department. They consistently deliver strong candidates. From these, they efficiently and effectively choose top-level employees. They administer the onboarding process and oversee ongoing human resource functions with a high level of professional aplomb.

So, why would you bring in outside help? Won't it just mess up a good thing? What's more, won't it stir up unnecessary suspicion and resentment?

Certainly introducing the topic could take some tact. But ultimately, your HR staff should thank you for pairing them up with a recruiting service. It makes their jobs easier. It also frees up much of their time for higher-level functions and longer-term projects.

Here are four benefits of partnering your HR staff with a recruiter:

Shortens the Hiring Process

Bringing in a new employee is a slog. You need to advertise the position, posting on various sites and leveraging social media. Then, you need to pan through a stream of subpar resumes to get the few glimmering hopefuls who might work out. That's followed by the interminable interview and vetting process. After all that, if a good candidate doesn't emerge, you have to start from scratch or settle for something below your usual standard.

A relationship with a staffing firm compresses this process. The recruiter has already done much of the legwork for you. The process of gathering and vetting resumes is already substantially completed at the time you decide you want to hire. You can just choose the best candidate for you.

Better Outcomes

You commonly reach out to third-party providers for specialized services. You've got outside lawyers and outside accountants. You bring in consultants for specific projects.

The same logic that drives these arrangements works for recruiters as well. They can bring additional expertise and a fresh perspective to the situation. This, in turn, leads to a more dynamic process and ultimately, better hires.

Consistent Onboarding Strategy

Along with an improved hiring process, a relationship with an outside staffing firm can streamline the entire recruitment process. This includes the onboarding procedure.

A recruiting firm will help you stay up to date on the latest gold standard in industry practice. They’ll also help you standardize your process, leading to more efficiency and more consistency.

Help Create a Great Employer Brand

It's not enough to sell your company to clients anymore. You have to sell it to potential employees as well. Technology has made the labor market extremely efficient, meaning top talent can easily find opportunities almost anywhere. You need to draw them in, the same way you draw in customers.

A good recruiter can help you with this process. Just like a strong PR firm helps build your consumer brand, a staffing partner can develop an enticing employer profile. You can bring in better talent for open positions, and retain top performers once they are in the fold.

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