3 Different Kinds of Interviewers and How to Handle Each

Three Different Kinds of Interviewers and How to Handle Them

Congrats! You put together a great resume, got the attention of the hiring manager and landed an interview. That’s great news, but don’t stop there! If you really want to land that job, you need to do your homework and prepare for your interview. That preparation should include learning more about the company, preparing talking points and an elevator speech, and doing some research on who will be conducting your interview

No two interviewers are identical. Even if you aced an interview for a similar position, you will want to wipe your expectations clean and start with a fresh slate.

To help, here are some examples of different types of interviewers you may encounter, and how to adapt to their style. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a great job offer:

The By-the-Books Interviewer

This kind of interviewer can be great because you know what to expect due to their tried-and-true interviewing style; however, you want to make sure that they see your quirkiness, even if their attitude doesn’t allow for any candidness. Answer any standard questions in a way that shows your eagerness for the position, whether it be the tone you use or your body language. If they are not asking the right questions to highlight who you are as a candidate, feel free to show them despite their rigidity.

The Distracted Interviewer

Almost everyone has experienced this at some point in their career—checking their emails, being interrupted by calls and focusing on everything but you. This can be an indication of disinterest, but they may also be busy with the hiring process in general. Stick to the highlights of your resume and make sure to stress the points you want the interviewer to remember the next day, because if they are otherwise distracted, the chances of them remembering your resume are slim. If the distractions seem to be jeopardizing your time, you can politely note their scattered behavior and offer to reschedule for a more convenient time.

The Personable Interviewer

A great HR professional can make everyone feel welcome to show their true selves, but don’t lose sight of the fact this is an interview. Sharing funny anecdotes or weekend plans are a great way to break the ice, as long as the stories are professional. The interviewer may even be testing you with their laid-back attitude to see if you are a fit for the company’s culture.

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